The Legacy Fund

March 15, 2014 Funding trubup

Getting an African American book published is not an easy task. Publishers are in the business of making money. At TrubuPRESS we are in the business of establishing a legacy. That means taking on authors and stories and finding a way to publish them simply because the story needs to be told. Your donation to The TrubuPRESS Legacy Fund also known as The Author’s Fund frees us to work with black authors without money being the sole reason we couldn’t publish them.  Here at TrubuPRESS we refuse to sell out to special interests who would like to define for us who what and when we publish, so we depend on your purchase of our author’s books, and the financial support of those who recognize the importance of a fully black and not watered down media outlet for our community. Please consider donating to our Legacy Fund to support the continued work at TrubuPRESS.

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