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October 28, 2013 trubup

Even the best writers need someone else to look over their work. It may seem like an expensive investment but after looking at your own writing for months or years, there are mistakes that your mind will fill in or you that won’t come to light until someone else other than you looks at it who is unrelated to your work. The last person you need listening to you make a speech is the person who can finish your sentences or always knows what you mean regardless of what you say. The editing process is about making sure your audience knows what you mean.

This can prove especially challenging in the black community where translation of thoughts and ideas can differ depending on who you are targeting and that is not an easy task for many non black editors to grasp. Above all else, we strive to maintain authenticity of voice in our editing process and not overly sanitize. In areas where a writer needs more than simple grammar and sentence structure editing, we offer full ghost writing services where we essentially professionally develop and write your story based upon what you tell us.  Each of these processes can get expensive so we do offer payment plans for those who need this kind of work.

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