October 28, 2013 trubup

The fastest way to make someone put your book down or to get it rejected by a bookstore is that it doesn’t look as professional as the other books on the shelf. Presentation is everything and many books are sold by their cover as well as how easy the inside print is to follow.

Let’s face it, most writers are not design specialists and even if you are, it always helps to step back and get another perspective on your work so that you don’t overlook something that your potential buyers might view as a turn off. Even if you do not publish with us, we do offer reasonably priced formatting services beginning at $199 and up depending on the size of your manuscript.

We also offer a standard cover design package for $150 which includes the front and back, as well as, ISBN label and writing your back cover synopsis. The end product of our formatting and design services will be a quality PDF that you can submit to any publisher as ready for press. And yes we do offer creative payment plans to fit your budget.

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