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People are often curious about a publishing relationship so this section is designed to give you very blunt answers.  TrubuPRESS and TrubuDOORS are our imprints.  Each imprint represents a different kind of relationship you will have with us.  However, they do not affect the principles by which we handle our relationships. The basic difference between the two is with TrubuPRESS, we are interested in representing you as an author and offer you a contract. With TrubuDOORS, you are interested in our services and would like to pay us to publish your book.

Regardless of which imprint you fall under, we carefully screen who is ready to work with us and who we feel is a good fit for our services.  Sometimes it really isn’t about your quality of work but whether or not we feel like we would get along without aggravating each other. Publishing is the closest thing to marriage without sex and a ring. It is a very intimate process so even with TrubuDOORS, we will turn down your money rather than engage in a “loveless marriage”.

Our work requires just as much creative energy as it takes for you to author a book. That means that if we don’t feel right about something, we won’t do it. We will stop in our tracks and ponder it in the same way that you wouldn’t just throw in a paragraph in your manuscript that doesn’t feel right in order to meet a deadline. We are careful, prayerful, and discerning with each step along the way.

Each project represents those operating principles so if you are looking for something quick, fast, and in a hurry, you are better served going with a standard print on demand company who will print whatever you give them because we won’t; no matter how much money you want to spend with us.

TrubuPRESS authors are our priority because we are making an investment in their work. Most processes with authors can take up to a year before a book is ready for market. We are careful to take on a limited amount of TrubuPRESS authors each year so that each project is given the full attention they deserve. We DO NOT accept phone calls about submissions.  All communications about submissions are done by email unless your manuscript is accepted and you are offered a contract.  NO CALLS concerning submissions will be returned.

TrubuDOORS requests are handled and evaluated within 10 business days of receiving your contact information. If your information is vague or incomplete, or we have no interest in the book concept you describe, you will not receive a reply. The main difference with TrubuDOORS is that, while you are paying us to publish your book, please understand that it is not enough that you have a completed manuscript or even if you have a prior work that you simply wish to have re-released, in order for us to put our imprint on it and have it represent the Trubu name, we are going to look it over from cover to cover.

The services we provide under TrubuDOORS include manuscript review, various levels of coaching and writing assistance, design and layout of interior and exterior, author website, and online sales listing and order fulfillment through We also offer affordable short runs so that you can make your book available for special events and small bookstores without having to keep large numbers on hand.

TrubuDOORS authors are usually new writers just testing the waters or established writers with their own audience. If you are looking to self-publish through TrubuDOORS, you really need to also educate yourself on self-promotion because we are not going to take your money and promise to put you out in front of every reviewer we know or on every New Release list. Our promotional services are limited to TrubuPRESS authors only.  What we make sure of with TrubuDOORS authors is that their product is just as professionally produced. Whatever services you need outside of that, be prepared to do your own homework and feel free to ask questions during your process in case we can help you along with our industry knowledge.

Finally, what you really need to understand is that we are an African American publishing company. We are not a company run by people who just happen to be black and from any other country in the world. We are not a subset or division of a mainstream company that has a black publishing division.  We handle books by black people who want to reach black people in a way that is unique to the black experience in America.

We make this distinction because understanding our unique history and culture is important to the editing process.  Everything that we do is with the understanding of how and why we think, how and why we communicate, and how and why we will buy a book.  We do not market by the rules and examples of Madison Avenue, but by the understanding of that beauty salon, hair shop, and church on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevards across America. That kind of understanding can only come from a people who have lived it, and that is who we proudly are.

If, after reading this, you think TrubuPRESS or TrubuDOORS is still for you, then send us a note in the contact link. Make sure you give us a proper email address and always check your spam folder because some replies go there when first contacted by a company. Be patient. We are usually giving someone else the same attention you would hope to get from us if we started working together. Thank you for your interest and best wishes following your writing dreams.

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