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September 30, 2012 trubup

Please note that the open submission period for TrubuPRESS is from January 1st to February 28th.  Only self publishing through TrubuDOORS inquiries will be reviewed throughout the year but depending on how many projects we already have or if your contact presentation did not get our interest, we do not guarantee a response to your inquiry.

TrubuDOORS is the self-publishing side of our company. It is intended to assist new authors who wish to test their writing projects on an audience of their choosing and for those who may simply want a select amount of books published for a specific purpose or use.

Our process for self-publishers is a little different than most. If your book is already written, we will review it and offer suggestions if we feel any are needed. If you are in the process of writing, we check in with you throughout your journey to help keep you focused. If you have a story inside of you but don’t know where to begin, we can help you get started.

Once the writing is complete, we go through the editing phase which checks for spelling and grammar and the overall flow of your work. A lot of places don’t care about what you write as long as you pay them. We want you to look good so we make the extra effort to bring your attention to things we observe.

There are companies who will sell you your book for a  large amount of money. That high price is because they are usually printing only a few at a time. Since, with TrubuDOORS you are self publishing, we help you to budget the cost of your printing and the amount of books you may want to start out with so you can get the best overall value for your efforts.  With self-publishing, you do have the benefit of keeping all the profit from your effort because you are actually buying then reselling your own books.

Of course the traditional publishing route prints thousands of copies for you but since someone else is taking a greater risk on the success of your book, you get the smaller royalty return. That works out fine if you are an author who sells  thousands. But the truth is that not many publishers are interested in the black experience. And with the limited interest there is, you have a lot more established writers to compete with. That is why we offer both TrubuPRESS and TrubuDOORS.

TrubuDOORS is kind of like the studio that first started recording rappers before hip hop got popular. Yes you have to pay to get your cut recorded but we work with you in getting your ideas out there. We share the common objective in wanting to get the world to pay attention.  We want you to shine because when you shine, we shine. But if we notice something special, we will take a greater interest in working with you.

Feel free to visit any of our existing author sites and drop them a note. They can tell you first hand the work we put in on your behalf.

Please click HERE to read the MUST READ for all authors.

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